How is a song entitled “Gay Pirates” one of the saddest things I’ve ever heard?

okay but like can someone tell me why this song works? it’s written by a straight guy about tragic gays who are brutally tortured and die at the end and I’m pretty sure actual historical gay pirates had a much more nuanced experience than depicted here. but it’s the best love song I’ve literally ever heard? I guess it’s gotta be lines like “But I’m yours, you know/and I’ll love you still in Hell” and “I hope they didn’t tie up/your hands as tight as mine” that do the trick, but still… damn. this song shouldn’t work as well as it does. I’m obsessed with this fucking song, I have been for like… at least four years. I’m sorry this is kind of embarrassing it’s so not my brand

I made private all my original posts about FgsonMO because it was inappropriate of me to insert myself into a conversation in which I totally did and do not belong, I kept the reblogs because they’re useful information

I’m really shitty at passing information along, I always have to get my grubby little fingerprints/opinions/analysis all over it, but that’s an explanation and not an excuse and I will have to get better at it


Your Body Is Beautiful And You Are A G o d d e s s 

Love this.

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*plugs ears, closes eyes, and hums loudly until the gay male community’s collective fetish for paternal incest goes away*

so like has science figured out what is so fucking hype about the first thirty seconds of macklerena

whenever I take a Ritalin I always expect to notice the moment it kicks in, but every time it’s like I take it at midnight and the next time I look up it’s 2:30 and I have been focus itself for some indeterminate amount of time

in other news I installed Zotero and am currently going through the bibliographies of my sources for my independent study, citation by citation, and downloading all the ones that are freely available/recording all relevant and accessible information about all of them.

I yelled at the boy about why he’s wrong about Ancient Aliens and he was like ‘thank you for explaining that in a logical way, I respect that, I won’t bring it up anymore’ which isn’t unconditional ‘wow I’m an idiot I should be flogged in the street for entertaining this racist anti-historical fantasy please forgive me God’ but is WAY better than I was expecting, and I think it’s probably because he perceives me as male and (correctly) perceives me as white

everyone takes me so seriously and treats me with such respect and it’s terrifying and completely undeserved

I think I’m literally gonna stop flirting with this boy over his endorsement of the Ancient Aliens hypothesis and honestly I phrased that as if that’s unreasonable but it’s kind of the only course of action a good person can take in this situation

I’m a jerk and I love it

I’m a jerk and I love it

whenever my dad farts I get the theme song from family guy stuck in my head and that’s really all you need to know about our relationship, fatherhood, family,

then again not believing in an inherent purpose or all-knowing moral authority gives me the freedom to keep all this shit in my head and focus on controlling my thoughts, words, and actions as opposed to dwelling on and repenting from them

wish I was religious so I could invest confession with the psychological power to cleanse my soul! but the clergyperson I confessed to would have to deal with having heard the shit that goes on in my head for the rest of their natural life so I don’t think that would be fair

thank u subconscious mind, I needed this reminder that I am trash


I took… two melatonins… 10 mg each… seven mg is a high dose… why am I still awake…


I use he or zey ('they' forms with a Z) pronouns. Don't show me pictures with creepy faces in them.

I post a lot about linguistics, some silly shit- cat gifs and the like- whiny text posts, things that make me angry, and every once in a while a good song.

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