basically my ideal outcome is for all those boys who hate fems to turn into boys who are afraid of fems. make femmephobia literal. fems are real, and they are coming for you.

dreams of a world where it is LEGAL for me to kidnap men who derogate ‘fems’ on their Grindrs, tie them to a chair in front of a vanity, and put drag makeup on them while explaining step by step what I’m doing, just as God and the Founding Fathers INTENDED

okay so it looks bad that I am sleeping with a bag of literal trash but

Discovery - Osaka Loop Line


DiscoveryOsaka Loop Line

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I look so good rn and there’s no-one here to see

*gargles with vodka*

cleaning my room MAY be the most painful experience of my short life and I’ve been cathetered before

Abby is the biggest sweetheart

Abby is the biggest sweetheart

it’s time to stop lying to myself. i’m no cub. i’m just a somewhat plump twink.

I feel kind of worthless, like a shoddy copy

it is now officially the projected day when I find out if my computer is fixable, I am apprehensive and excited

a cart FULL of copies (I figured it out so that I can answer asks BTW)

a cart FULL of copies (I figured it out so that I can answer asks BTW)

wait fuck I forgot it’s hard to check messages on my phone

you can send ME asks too

tattoo ideas

tattoo ideas

I use he or zey ('they' forms with a Z) pronouns. Don't show me pictures with creepy faces in them.

I post a lot about linguistics, some silly shit- cat gifs and the like- whiny text posts, things that make me angry, and every once in a while a good song.

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