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Jul 22


Jul 21

does anybody know why the asterisk in trans fell out of fashion

Jul 18

… do you ever accidentally your whole life in one text, because,

… do you ever accidentally your whole life in one text, because,

you know how some things are supposed to be super deep and cut straight to something important and troublesome about the human condition but are actually bullshit? like this question, this idea that people thinking about WWII periodically pose to themselves: ‘if you had been alive and present for the nazi regime, would you have resisted it?’ your answer to this question is supposed to say something about your cowardice or bravery and what those terms really mean but. it’s bullshit. like, is that question really academic for you? really? how cute, because it’s not remotely academic for Jews, or queers, or people of color, or disabled people, or any of the other groups targeted by the Holocaust who would be resisting merely by continuing to survive


Jul 17

like god knows I’d considered yellow blush before but I didn’t know it would look GOOD

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Jul 16

no-one saw that last post


attn everyone: pls give me something to do besides invert my sleep schedule thanks in advance

Jul 15

I hope the 😳 emoji never becomes passive-aggressive the way uwu did, I really need a way to express how I feel about everyone, like 😳 hey guys 😳 how are you feeling 😳 have you taken steps towards self-actualization today 😳

Jul 13

there is no height of malicious glee nor any depth of profound grief quite like cutting a snarl out of your yarn


this dude just saw me checking out my own selfie tag and I hope my self love inspires them (✿◠‿◠)

this was such a good post

Jul 12

@justazebra @museum-tote @oberonsfairydust @anybody else get in touch with me if you want to chill today before 4, my hours got moved and I wanna know if I should go back to bed or not