Native speakers of American English and survey enthusiasts!  Complete this survey!  Help a linguist out!  So sayeth Language Log:

If you’re a native speaker of American English, a Dutch linguist needs your responses to an accent questionnaire:

In this questionnaire we will ask you as a native U.S. English speaker to rate the pronunciation of different speakers, some of whom were born outside the U.S. We ask you to rate how native-like the pronunciations are. While we offer a set of 50 speech fragments, you are free to rate as few or as many as you’d like (of course we’d prefer more, but there is no required minimum).

As you may be aware, I like regional speech more than many things, so I am pretty excited about this.

ETA: AHHH it has my favorite speech sample!!  I am going to do all 50 samples, I can tell…

Wow, I kept tripping over the conceptual distinction between native- or fluent-sounding and foreign-sounding.

Guys, do this survey. You don’t have to be a linguist.

so from now on any time we lose hope, that's just a game of hide and seek with the beautiful things all around us, okay?

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