dear everyone I know:

when I ask where someone’s from, I am nearly always asking about where they lived for the first five or so years of their life, when they were acquiring their first language(s). please do not give me their ethnic background that is not what I am asking, I understand why you would think that and I’m not sassing you, this is just so you know for the future

  1. rek said: This is my biggest pet peeve about that question, “Where are you from” only means where did you grow up if you’re White/Black (unless you have an obviously non northern American accent).
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so from now on any time we lose hope, that's just a game of hide and seek with the beautiful things all around us, okay?

I use he or zey ('they' forms with a Z) pronouns. Don't show me pictures with creepy faces in them.

I post a lot about linguistics, some silly shit- cat gifs and the like- whiny text posts, things that make me angry, and every once in a while a good song.

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