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A friend of mine posted a picture of his daughter on facebook today wearing this, granted, pretty cute t-shirt with two glasses-wearing beavers that said, “Smart like Dad.” He commented that they’d tried to find one that said “Smart like Mommy,” too, but that the only alternative was “Pretty like Mommy.”

Yup. Nice to know that in 2011, kids still get to choose what they want to be: smart like a man or an object for other people’s viewing pleasure like a woman.

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*spits hypothetical coffee everywhere*

Apparently I didn’t watch this episode?

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I use he or zey ('they' forms with a Z) pronouns. Don't show me pictures with creepy faces in them.

I post a lot about linguistics, some silly shit- cat gifs and the like- whiny text posts, things that make me angry, and every once in a while a good song.

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