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someone talk to me about English third-person pronouns (◕‿◕✿)

diana hornoiu is blowing my mind and also my analysis out of the water, damn

I’m planning for a Women’s and Gender Studies course final project. Do y’all have any scholarly articles on third-person (semantically) singular pronouns that:

  • make reference to trans* and especially non-binary people
  • examine gender-neutral or non-binary uses of 3sg pronouns, or, to a lesser degree,
  • reference non-standard 3sg pronouns (e.g. ze)?

If I could find something that looks at pronoun usage in the trans* community from a linguistic standpoint that’d be fantastic, but anything scholarly from any discipline looking at third-person (semantically) singular pronouns other than he or she or acknowledging referents that are neither male nor female would be fantastic.

the nominative zero relative pronoun isn’t gone

just hiding

doing homework now


but I just wondered something:

Is there any language known where instead of differentiating pronouns by gender, there are different categories for the order in which the corresponding nouns are mentioned?  Like one third-person pronoun that basically means “the former” and another that means “the latter”?

It would make sentences like “he viewed him” so much easier to avoid without excessive name-usage.

ASL, and I believe other sign languages, assign antecedents to locations in the physical space the conversation occupies.

I use he or zey ('they' forms with a Z) pronouns. Don't show me pictures with creepy faces in them.

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